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The most cost-effective content strategy starts with optimizing what you already have. The content assessment (or content audit) is a preferred starting point for marketers seeking to develop an overall content plan. We provide a detailed examination of your current content, identifying where each piece of content fits within a buying cycle and identifying gaps that need to be filled.Why reinvent the wheel? Get more out of your current portfolio and focus on filling the gaps that really matter.

Our assessment also finds out how well your content aligns to your overall go-to-market messaging. We examine how effectively you optimize for selected keywords and sharing in social networks. Finally, we examine and critique the mix of content types (webcasts, white papers, videos, blogs, etc.). This service includes a final report in PDF and Excel format along with a one-hour call to review our findings and recommendations for improvement.

Your report will cover the following areas:

  • Funnel alignment
  • Message alignment
  • Readability
  • Modularity
  • Search optimization
  • Graphic & image use
  • Shareability
  • Headline/title optimization
  • Cross-platform potential

The roadmap answers the ‘Now what?’ question raised by your content assessment. Guided by the results of the content assessment, your roadmap includes a near-term (0-3 months), mid-term (4-9 months) and long-term plan for new content development. The specifics and details of the roadmap are usually tied to some general budget information for content creation. So your roadmap for, say, the near term might look something like this:

  • Weekly blog items promoting the business value message of your product/services focus
  • Three short videos with some of your key execs targeting the final two stages of the buying process
  • A four-page white paper targeting IT decision makers who are already your customers to boost near-term sales