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Interviews with your key executives can be an excellent way to promote them as thought leaders while at the same time offering a forum for explaining your key marketing and/or product initiatives. We produce these on a 100% turnkey basis – from inception and idea generation to staging the hosted interview to all editing and delivery in an acceptable video format.

Video Interviews

Cost varies with the specific project, with significant per-video savings if several executive interviews can be accomplished in one sitting. Here are some examples of our video work.





Audio Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts is surging as smart phones go mainstream and Bluetooth makes listening easy in the car. We have produced hundreds of podcasts over the past decade, and continue to keep our skills fresh as host of the FIR B2B Podcast. We script questions, coach speakers and edit for clarity and efficiency. We tag and provide you with descriptions appropriate for social sharing. Here are a few examples of our work.

      Understanding Data Destruction – Chris Adam, vice president, IT Asset Disposition Division, Converge
      Reinventing Healthcare with Technology – Jay Parkinson, M.D.
      Berkeley HeartLabs Puts Patients at the Center – Matt Sitter, Director of Marketing, Berkeley HeartLab Disease Management; Dave deBronkart, Director of Marketing Analytics, TimeTrade
      FIR B2B #41: Hey, Marketers, Big Data is Your Friend with Mike Moran