We create peerless custom content to engage and inform the IT decision maker. From idea creation to final product, we work with IT vendors to shape content that will deepen customer relationships. You tell us what you need. We do all the work. It’s that simple.

*In contracting for content creation and management with us, you would have two of the most deeply experienced IT content experts at your service. We are each well known, well respected, and highly knowledgeable about the kinds of content most likely to engage your target audience. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we are good at it.

We aren’t a boiler room that hires out content. With few exceptions (such as leveraging a subject matter expert on a complex technology topic), we research and write the content ourselves. No middlemen, no freelancers. Our managing editor provides deep edits and copy-editing. And we leverage a pair of exceptional digital designers to create PDFs when that is required.

We are as full-service as you want us to be. Once we understand where your company is heading, what its content and marketing goals are and the target audience composition, we can create a wealth of content ideas to present to you and your team. You choose the ones that are most appropriate. We help you decide on the optimal format, such as white paper, case study, podcast, e-book, product overview, blog, research-based paper and the like. Then we create and edit the content. Your team is in charge every step of the way.

We can start off with a small sampling of our work capabilities and build from there, working on a monthly or quarterly schedule of deliverables.

Finally, we offer significant help in getting content in front of the target audience. Our extensive social media marketing background works for your team so you get maximum exposure for the content we create.