Lots of content marketing services can string together words. How about one that understands your technology and your business and can advise you on how to package and deliver your messages?

We know how CIOs think. We know what energizes them and we know what turns them off. We’ll help you maximize your content investment and boost your image among this audience as a thought leader.

Content marketing is a lot more than just white papers and blog posts. It begins with creating buyer personas that define the motivations, needs and frustrations that create business opportunity. Content planning should match assets to each stage of the buying funnel, with the awareness that different platforms have different value in different contexts.

Good content isn’t promotional. It’s about relieving pain, building confidence and inspiring ideas. Helping customers to be successful earns trust, and trust is what greases the wheels of B2B commerce.

Have you ever been pitched by the principals of a big marketing agency, only to have them disappear once they get the business? That will never happen with Gillin + Laberis. We bring our network of experienced content specialists to bear only after we fully understand your business, your technology and your objectives. And we take full responsibility for results.

Whether you’re looking for a few posts for the company blog or a multi-year custom micro-site, you will get the full attention of the principals of Gillin + Laberis, along with our commitment to your satisfaction.